Ride to the beat and feel the heat!

Then cycling is what you need!

At FitnessZone, we offer two different classes of cycling workout: LesMills RPM and Spinning. 
RPM is a group indoor cycling workout where you can control the intensity while riding to the rhythm of upbeat music. It has a structured format. Through a 45-minute class, your team coach will take you on the terrain leading you through hills, flats, mountain peaks, sprints, and interval training. 
RPM offers you a unique journey toward personal achievement enabling you to build your fitness level over time. It also enables you to burn up to 675 calories.
To master RPM techniques, check out these videos

SPINNING is also a high intensity endurance workout that aims at increasing your cardio fitness while equally providing you with strength and power. However, while RPM’s music is done by the LesMills brand of fitness classes, SPINNING allows instructors to choose the music and structure the class accordingly. 
Just like RPM, SPINNING covers interval training and hill climbing and integrates major sprinting of normal cycling.
Spin down the pedals and unleash the athlete within you!