Awarding franchises.

With a strong brand image and an ambitious expansion plan, Fitness Zone opens room for awarding franchises. In fact, franchising is a decision we consider diligently.


We assess the mutual benefits with the applying company in order to verify that this partnership promises mutual benefits and interests. Partners are guaranteed our full commitment that will enable them to grow and prosper.

Just as we strive to provide our members with a better living every day, we equally do our utmost to offer our partners the same opportunity. Our team exerts all efforts to support our partners and provide them with the necessary branding guidelines, marketing, tools, and training material.


  • Our team employs its expertise and wide-ranging knowledge of the market and its customs to draft a scheme that outlines maximum profitability and investment revenue with a final feasibility report.
  • According to the report, an agreement is reached between the franchiser and potential franchisee.
  • Once the deal is sealed, the franchisee can automatically profit from our services, which encompass all the respects of a fitness club and wellness center.