Get Inside

The Gym

The coolest time of your day

We fully understand that after a long day at work or university, you would be looking for the ideal place to shed out stress and end your day on a positive note.

Workout in the most relaxing way

We, therefore, equipped Fitness Zone with the best facilities to make your workout time the coolest and most enjoyable time of the day. Our outstanding fully air-conditioned gym adds freshness to your workout inviting you to sweat till the end without getting bothered. You can even choose to make your working out even more chill by exercising in the pools located in our three premium clubs: in Baabda, Kaslik, and Verdun. Our locker and shower areas are there to let you conclude your workout in the most relaxing way.

That’s not all!

We have also equipped our gyms with mini bars in order to make your cravings healthy and delicious. Whether you need a quick snack before your workout or simply enjoy a light meal before you head home, our bars can satisfy your hunger with a long list of healthy and fresh food varieties.


Fitness Zone boasts an extensive range of cutting-edge fitness equipment. No matter what your goal is, the wide range of fitness equipment carefully caters to your needs. Each area at Fitness Zone is allocated for a different type of athletic training and is equipped with the relevant material 

Take it further

Before you hit the weight area, you can start warming up at the cardiovascular and aerobic stations. You can then take it further and enjoy our cross trainers’ zone. Finally, after a strenuous workout, you can visit the stretching area and give your muscles the relaxation that they need.  


Our highly qualified trainers are simply the asset of our gym. With their vast knowledge and excellent training skills, they can help you reach your goals faster. Our trainers provide you with tailored exercise programs that are designed according to your needs. Your programs are further complemented with proper nutrition and advice tips to help you meet your target for lasting results.